Before deployment of any staff, we make sure that they go through an obligatory basic training of the course, which is a vital skill to perform their duties efficiently. Exercises like basic guarding skills, rudiments of first aid, firefighting, and self-defense have been taught to our staff. We also make sure that our staff goes through soft skills training and will be interacting with you or with others daily. Our team will be stewarding your company at one point or another, and that's why we train them in every aspect. Our organization has different training sets for additional employees depending on their career path to keep them updated.

Basic training for facility maintenance staff

We ensure that our staff is well maintained and become an integrated part of the Client's organization. We aim to provide an impeccable work experience to our Client. Our team maintains work with total accuracy and 100% dedication as they will interact with you daily and communicate with the company's visitors, partners, customers, etc. We assure that our staff is trained for the role and trained on soft skills to interact.

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