Electrical services

We are authorized and equipped to do all electrical work types like installing indoor and outdoor lights, maintaining electrical appliances, etc.

  • Contact us about installing and maintaining street lights.
  • Lighting installation for a commercial or residential property, interior lighting installation, event lighting, etc.
  • Street light installation
  • Lights for corporate office
  • Electrical AMC coverage for your infrastructure
  • Electrical maintenance services for corporate offices
  • Electrical maintenance services for hospitals
  • Electrical maintenance services for hotels
  • Electrical maintenance services for residential societies

We provide the best services to our customers according to their requirements. We are known for our client satisfaction.


  • For Home
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall Sconces
  • Kitchen Lights
  • Home Automation

Our Vision

Our organization knows that everyone has their own choice and same like this, every place, every room has its aura. We always try to portray that aura by our lighting. We all know how playful lighting can be.

We aim to light your Home, office, or any outdoor space. We believe that every space deserves a luxurious and luminous perfection that too at an affordable price. We provide our customers with flawless lighting fixtures that reflect their selves with sheer authenticity.

Our designers and technicians always work towards developing better and more sustainable products and giving our customers the best lighting solutions at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to nurture relationships with our customers by providing a "customer-first" environment without compromising on the benchmark quality we have set for the industry.

We have provided our customers with multiple options in lighting solutions, all while keeping sustainability and environment conservation in mind.

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