Company policy

  • We follow all the government guidelines.
  • We follow full transparency with our customers and company.
  • We follow India's minimum wage regulations.
  • Regular health checkups are performed on staff to maintain transparency.
  • We keep a track record of our staff with police verification and background checks.
  • ERP system and login access are provided to the customer, and records are shared daily with the Client.
  • We maintain everything in a written agreement as per government rules and regulations.
  • Our organization provides all the necessary basics equipment to the staff.
  • If any staff left their job and did not want to continue, they will provide you with a new staff under 24hrs to 72hrs.

Replacement policy

During the contract, if the customer has any issue with any staff and wants to replace them for any reason, the Client just has to inform the company, and we will replace the staff in 7 to 10days. Still, customers will have to pay extra 15 days' salary to staff. And bear all expenses to hiring new staff as per company policy.

Payment policy

The customer has to pay for the one month advance to the company during the contract and must fix a date for the next payments. By any chance is the customer misses that date, then an extra 10% charge will be applied. If the customer cannot pay the payment, then the contract will be null and void, and the customer will have to pay for one month extra.

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