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At 4th Generation, we take pride in our steadfast and meaningful involvement in the communities we live and work in.

Facilities services

The major industrial sector has been associated with us for years, and we have chosen to work with the finest experts under workforce skills. We underwent some of the most intensive training sessions of all time for that. We are here to give you the best facilities without you having to pinch a hole in your pocket. We make recruiting your workforce a child's play for your convenience. We follow stringent legal rules, and we understand these rules vary from industry to industry. You can rely upon us for the best workforce recruitment.

Security Services

Fire, theft, attack, demolition, and illegal activities are all prevented by our professional and trained Security Guards. Our firm's security team is supervised by senior Ex-Army officers who have the physical ability to match army standards, and their communication skills are excellent. We offer high-security personnel at offices, Buildings, Shopping Malls, Banks, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Hotels, ATMs, and Parking lots. Also, we can provide digital security devices and metal detectors for checking, verifying entry points.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

We can implement sustainable preventative maintenance strategies to reduce equipment replacement costs and minimize future renovation costs, ensuring that your school can continue providing educational support for a long time. Our proactive maintenance measures will improve your equipment's performance and create an environment that is more productive for all employees.

Electrical services

We are authorized and equipped to do all electrical work types like installing indoor and outdoor lights, maintaining electrical appliances, etc.

  • Contact us about installing and maintaining street lights.
  • Lighting installation for a commercial or residential property, interior lighting installation, event lighting, etc.
  • Street light installation
  • Lights for corporate office
  • Electrical AMC coverage for your infrastructure
  • Electrical maintenance services for corporate offices


We treat every project differently as every Client needs our utmost attention. Our project planner will ensure that all the clients' needs are fulfilled, and it should be a hassle free process for the Client. We believe in mutual planning and understanding. Our utmost priority is to meet and get to know our Client's expectations, and after that, we always work towards creating a specialized service package for our Client.



Our company will provide you with ERP systems. In the ERP system, you can see all staff details, like ID proof, police verification, and staff background. You can also access daily attendance records with the punch in and punch out facility.



Before deployment of any staff, we make sure that they go through an obligatory basic training of the course, which is a vital skill to perform their duties efficiently. Exercises like basic guarding skills, rudiments of first aid, firefighting, and self-defense have been taught to our staff. We also make sure that our staff goes through soft skills training and will be interacting with you or with others daily. Our team will be stewarding your company at one point or another, and that's why we train them in every aspect. Our organization has different training sets for additional employees depending on their career path to keep them updated.

Basic training for facility maintenance staff

We ensure that our staff is well maintained and become an integrated part of the Client's organization. We aim to provide an impeccable work experience to our Client. Our team maintains work with total accuracy and 100% dedication as they will interact with you daily and communicate with the company's visitors, partners, customers, etc. We assure that our staff is trained for the role and trained on soft skills to interact.


About 4th Generation Resources

We strive to provide high-impact manpower that improves the competitiveness of organizations and the people we serve. 4th Generation helps businesses succeed in a fast-changing, uncertain world of work and connects people to meaningful employment opportunities every year. We tailor our solutions to meet your specific business needs.

4th Generation Agency is an extension of your organization that ensures excellence in recruitment process management. You can count on us to adopt approaches, procedures, and reporting methods tailored to meet your objectives.

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Why Our Company

Our Vision

We aim to become the market leader in the manpower industry and win over our Clients' hearts by providing them world classwork. We aspire to deliver world class work at an affordable cost to the Client. We also aim to expands our reach in government sectors with proper rules and regulations.

Our Mission

The company's mission is to reduce unemployment and make everyone Atma-nirbhar by providing them with proper training and giving them jobs in their desired circle. Our company aims for the hassle-free transaction and good lifestyle for our staff.

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